These are a few of our company initiatives the we alone funded and made possible.


This information is so that you may know more about Woodsmans International and the company.


I have always been a giving and caring man.  It continued when I started Woodsmans International.

Woodsmans International is in its 25th year of business.  We are a manufacture and distributor of domestic consumables.  We are unlike big companies in that we uphold integrity and honour.  These are not just well thought of words but a way of life.  Our mission statement is, “Making Life Simpler Since 1991”.  That’s the year I founded Woodsmans International.

Every year we try to do something special for many people.  For years we sent out thousands of promotional flyers just like every business.  BUT… we used the top of the page as an example to advertise other organizations care programs.  Programs such as those ran by the Salvation Army.  We would continuously fax thousands of retail stores our product promotion with eg: the Salvation Army cause at the top.  We would simply remind retailers and their staff that although we may enjoy a lavish well afforded Christmas Holiday that there are many who will not.  We’d also remind them that if they cannot man a Salvation Army collection kettle as we have, that they be generous with their donation at Christmas time as it helps those who are less fortunate in their area.

Simple isn’t it?  Sad to think most companies don’t do this unless they receive a tax break.

We also fax and email literally thousands of retail stores a link to a song I wrote, recorded, sing, and play the guitar called, "Lord Help Me Make it Through The Night".  It reminds them to ask their employees and loved ones to, "Think Before You Drink and Drive".

Click here if you want to listen to my song.  Please repost or share the link with your friends, family, and loved ones.

This past year Woodsmans International changed the lives of several people and families.  Four of them in particular were in desolate states and one of them was actually a man who had recovered from a brain aneurysm and who had given up on life and was prepare to die of both hunger and hypothermia.  He was actually living in the woods without water, sewer, electric power, heat etc.

His clothes a filthy dark brown to black from the pulverized dark soils of the forest floor where he lay.  His clothes only got washed when it rained.  He had 3 lengths of rope strung on the underbrush as his clothesline.  The falling rain made it sag onto the forest floor and the falling rain was never enough to ever wash his clothes.  He was always damp and carried a distinct odor.  Life was pretty grim for him until Woodsmans International intervened   Like many; he had fallen through the cracks in the system.  Without having a mailing address he had found no assistance anywhere.

Helping 4 people was a monumental task with monumental expense that would take the better part of a year to turn his life around.  Everything was provided for from housing, shoes and boots, to meals, outer wear, and other expenses that were ongoing and continuous.  Costs were in the tens of thousands of dollars which were shelled out by Woodsmans International.  No other organization offered any assistance whatsoever.

But we did it.

Everyone helped by Woodsmans International are now doing fine.  With their self-esteem heightened they are now managing life on their own.  The man in the woods now leads a productive life in Peterborough where he regular visits his family and plays with his grandchildren.

That is what we do because it is the right thing to do.

Winter sales dropped to approximately 32 percent from the previous winter due to the unusually warm winter weather.  Our funds are exhausted from these efforts.  Without funds it threatens the very principal of care which is giving.  Giving of one’s own time; and the giving of money from those who can afford it.

These people are exactly like you and I.  They are someone’s baby, someone’s sons and daughters; someone’s sisters and brothers; and someone’s parents and grandparents.  And we hope to continue to help those we can.

Some see them as bums or homeless people and look away as if by not seeing them they don’t exist.  But these people do exist and they are Canadians just like you and I.  So everyone is welcome and urged to pull together to destroy homelessness.  For those who don’t want to help someone directly they can help through making a donation.  Your donation will go to someone’s baby who is in need in Canada.

Thank you.

Use the button below to donate to help distraught and homeless Canadians in dire need.  EG: Fort McMurray

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